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We Believe That Dental Treatments Should Be a Pleasant and Relaxing Experience

Our Office Is Equipped With Luxurious Amenities, Such as Paraffin Hand Wax, Fresh Flowers, Warm Blankets, and Neck Pillows.

This tool uses fluorescent light to highlight oral tissue irregularities including cancer and pre-cancer. This revolutionary tool can alert our doctors to problems often months before the symptoms of oral cancer would otherwise be apparent. We also perform salivation DNA tests, which provide information about conditions like gum disease as well as overall health conditions. Periodontal care is an essential part of our dental practice.

Sedation Dentistry

However, even with a comfortably furnished office, our doctors understand that some patients experience dental anxiety. To help mitigate these feelings of anxiety, we provide sedation dentistry options. We provide both oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Our team can help you determine which type is best for your needs.

Exceptional Dental Techniques & Equipment

In addition to sedation offerings, we stay abreast of leading dental techniques and equipment that make your dental visit more efficient, effective, and comfortable. At your routine biannual exams, he will perform an oral cancer screening using the advanced OralID.