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Quick and Thorough Emergency Dentistry in Germantown and Memphis Area

At some point, you might suffer an accident. Some mishaps impact your teeth in adverse and painful ways. When this happens, you’ll need immediate dental care. Chipped, broken, and dislodged teeth are all uncomfortable and painful. Christopher Cooley DDS and Diane Flexsenhar DDS want to help by offering emergency dentistry. Germantown and Memphis area patients suffering from unexplained pain can reach out to our office, and we’ll get them in for a same-day appointment. Our friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable dentists, hygienists, and front office staff work together to provide our Germantown customers with superior service. No matter the procedure you need, Christopher Cooley DDS and Diane Flexsenhar DDS can help get things back on track. If your condition is life-threatening, then you should call or visit a local emergency room or 24/7 medical care facility.

We Treat Emergencies As Quickly As Possible

If you fell from your bike and chipped a tooth or a friend knocked a tooth out while playing basketball, you need to seek immediate treatment. No matter the cause of your sudden tooth pain, we will work to fix the issue. We give you the caring and speedy treatment you deserve, providing relief, and more importantly, preserving your gorgeous smile. Remember, you must visit us the moment you self-diagnose a potential dental emergency. Don’t wait to seek treatment following that bike crash or sporting accident. It is essential to treat these issues immediately because they can cause permanent and significant damage to your mouth, teeth, and overall health.

Why Emergency Dentistry is Needed and When to Call Us

While accidents cause a large portion of the emergencies we treat, there are other causes. For instance, you could be suffering from lingering nerve damage or even an abscessed tooth. Don’t suffer from pain any longer than you shouldn’t have to! Tooth pain isn’t normal and is always an indication that something is wrong. If you are suffering tooth pain for any reason, then the time is now to contact Christopher Cooley, DDS or Diane Flexsenhar, DDS. We’ll book you for our earliest possible appointment. Once we resolve the immediate issue, we can walk you through any further treatment options your teeth might need. If you’ve been noticing soreness, pain, or anything else making your teeth and mouth uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office today by calling 901-754-3117 at your earliest convenience!

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