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Sugar sweets

The Average Person in the U.S. Drinks About 100 Pounds of Sugar Annually!

This is no surprise considering the fact that there are about 600 sugar-sweetened drinks on the shelves in our markets and grocery stores.?80% of all Teens and Children Consume at Least One Sweetened Drink Per Day, the amount of sugar found in one 12 ounce drink is 11 teaspoons and in a 20 ounce drink there are 18 teaspoons!

Another alarming fact about sugary drinks:? since the 1950s, the size of sugary drinks has increased dramatically from 6 oz serving to 32 oz with? free refills?!? And, in 2012, makers of these sugar-laden drinks spent $948 million on advertising to encourage us to drink more!

Sugar Can Be Harmful to Tooth EnamelEnamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and? is attacked by sugar when it combines with bacteria on the tooth producing an acid. This acid can produce a breakdown in the enamel causing a cavity! This breakdown of enamel can also lead to dentinal hypersensitivity and erosion. American Heart Association RecommendationsIn addition to tooth decay, sugary drinks have also been linked to other systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and obesity, but by? following the following guidelines the American Heart Association recommends, we can all limit our sugar intake. The AHA recommends the following amounts of added sugar daily:? children 3 teaspoons, adult women 6 teaspoons, adult men 9 teaspoons. For all of the above reasons, you can see that avoiding sugary drinks should be a priority for everyone!

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