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Mistletoe berries

Mistletoe is a parasite that has been associated with healing powers and fertility. ?Because of its pretty foliage and berries, it is often found in Christmas decorations. ?For many, it is a Christmas custom for couples who meet under the mistletoe to kiss and share warm tidings of the season.? If you find yourself ? under the mistletoe,? beware!

According to a November 2014 article in the Microbiome Journal, a ten-second kiss can transfer up to 800 million bacteria. Some of these bacteria such as probiotics can be beneficial.?Others; however, can be very harmful.

Many oral bacteria have been identified to cause harmful periodontal disease.? Periodontal disease? has been linked to many other systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Good News

New oral screening called? Oral DNA? allows our office to perform a salivary test to screen the bacteria present in your oral cavity. ?We can actually identify dangerous bacteria in your mouth with a simple test.

This type of detection and early prevention is critical to ensure your dental health. By visiting us during normal appointment times, every 6 months, we can keep your smile healthy and free of bad bacteria.

Contact Us Today

Before you? contaminate? anyone with potentially dangerous oral bacteria,?please?contact us?to learn more.

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